Moving SuperStamps into Snagit Windows is easy, simply follow these steps:

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: SuperStamps will not appear until the Snagit Editor has been completely restarted. It is not enough to just close down the editor window.


1) Download the SuperStamps file


2) SuperStamps is delivered as a .zip file. Unzip the downloaded file by right-clicking and choosing Extract All




3) Once extracted you will find a folder with a several numbered folders inside. This example is from SuperStamps v4 (the numbers will vary depending on which collection you purchased)



4) Locate your Snagit Stamps folder and copy the numbered folders 001… etc into the Snagit Stamps folder.


The Snagit Stamps folder is normally located in (Exchange “Your-username” with your own username for your computer.


C:\Users\Your-username\Documents\Snagit Stamps\


If you don’t have that folder, you can simply create an empty folder at this location: C:\Users\Your-username\Documents\Snagit Stamps\

After you have created that folder, open the Snagit Editor, go to "My Stamps" or simply "Stamps" and click Organize Stamps…

The Organize Stamps window will open up. Just choose Change Stamp Folder and enter your newly created stamps folder.


5) For the Stamps to appear in your Snagit Editor you will need to completely restart the editor. The Snagit editor will not stop running because you close down the window so you can either stop it in the Task Manager, or if you are unfamiliar with the Task Manager, simply restart your computer.


6) Once the Snagit Editor has been completely restarted, SuperStamps will appear in your stamps under My Stamps or Stamps.